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Rural Farmhouse Crossroads Art
Rural Farmhouse Crossroads Art
Rural Farmhouse Crossroads Art
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black and white crossroads prints
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black and white road art print
black and white crossroads artwork
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black and white road wall art

Rural Farmhouse Crossroads Art

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Title: Crossroads
Artist: Todd McPhetridge
Medium: Black and White Photography

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Crossroads Art for Sale

What better remedy is there for a blank wall than a big sky? Beautiful views need not be found out the window when they can decorate any room of your home or office. Todd's original black and white landscape artwork captures the heartland in a soft light that will evoke the feeling of the rural lifestyle and a dirt road under your feet as if in a dream, or perhaps even a memory. Each unique landscape photograph of mountains, creeks, and country barns was taken with care and perfectly conveys the admiration for America's simple splendor.

At the "Crossroads" of life and which way do we go? Do we go straight ahead and continue as far as we see, maybe because we feel safe there? Or will we go right or left into the total unknown? Only we can make that decision. The road can only make the journey easier for it. It cannot give us any hints as to which way to go.

There is peace to be found in the openness and the emptiness of "Crossroads". In this rustic country setting, it would be easy to forget all our worries and problems and just "be". We might even wonder a bit each direction just to see what is there to be seen. Nature does offer up some surprises sometimes, and thanks to man putting down the road, we might just get to see some of those surprises.

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