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Authentic Soul Searching Art

Best Sellers

My top sellers over the years. Shop an art collection of mountain roads, to old tractors, and everything in between.

Vintage Inspired Timeless Art

Farmhouse Art

Shop art that will give your home a welcoming and relaxing feel of a bygone era. Buy a masterfully crafted piece of art for your home.

Beautifully Crafted Artwork

Christian Art

I create art that resonates with your soul and brings a sense of peace. God is alive and well and I’m not afraid to tell everyone I know.

Breathtaking Art Prints

Landscape Art

Landscape art so realistic you can almost hear the leaves crunching. Browse a highly curated collection of landscape artwork.

Best Sellers

Farmhouse Art

Meet the Artist

My name is Todd McPhetridge and I want to thank you for your interest in my artwork. I am completely self-taught fine art landscape and nature photographer that specializes in rustic farmhouse art prints. I have an international base of collectors, fans and friends around the world.

My purpose in life is to create rustic art prints that will complete the look of your home, whether it is a farmhouse, log cabin, lake house, beach house, office building or business. I have spent many years working hard to present to you a highly curated art gallery of modern rustic farmhouse images. Click Here to Learn More

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