Todd Ridge

Fine Art Landscape Photographer Todd McPhetridge
Founded by landscape photographer Todd McPhetridge, Big Canoe Studios offers products that are ideal for anyone that loves the great outdoors or farmhouse living. We sell rustic, yet refined furnishings that encompass the genuine detail of country living.

So whether your road to happiness, your road home, is a winding country road or a city street of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, come to Big Canoe Studios for your rustic home furnishing needs. We're here to help you make your home or getaway a place to slow down, kick your feet up and enjoy a simpler time.

At the heart of landscape photographer Todd McPhetridge's art lies his appreciation and love for the simple, pure beauty of the natural world around us. Born in Marion, Virginia, he discovered the pleasure of trout fishing at an early age, and spent many hours absorbing the timeless beauty of the mountain streams he fished. At the age of twelve his family moved away from rural Virginia, and settled in the fast-paced urban city of Atlanta, Georgia. Here, it was not long before Todd felt a deep homesickness for the daily bond with nature that he had left behind.

At the age of sixteen he received his first camera for Christmas, a gift from his mother, and that single act of a mother's love led to the path of his life's passion. Since that fateful day, Todd has been capturing nature and landscapes, always with his unique personal touch as a master artist with a gifted eye.

You will often find Todd in hiking boots, shouldering camera gear, as he explores the rivers, mountains, and woods of North Georgia, capturing for us and future generations, the stunning beauty that Mother Nature provides for all to enjoy.

Artist Statement - Todd McPhetridge
As an artist I enjoy observing the natural world around me, watching the colors mingle and flow within my mind and then photographing the subject, offering my vision as a creative composition. Photography affords me the opportunity to apply my imaginative signature to each piece and connect with the force and beauty that only nature can deliver.

I am intensely intrigued by the connection I feel to my art and attempt to channel those emotions through each piece, given my experience that specific day. I describe my work as contemporary traditionalism with a touch of rock and roll.

Over the years, I have cultivated a very personal collection of images that provide the viewer with a unique and somewhat twisted candor of my perspective on photography. With each passing day I am diligently learning to master my craft and plan to leave a very distinguishable mark on you, the viewer, an impression perhaps small but certainly noticeable.