What is the difference between farmhouse and modern farmhouse?

Farmhouse vs Modern Farmhouse

Farm style homes have been around for decades. However, there’s an emerging style of farmhouses that combines the conveniences of modern homes. Classic farmhouses have emerged into modern farmhouses that are comfortable, welcoming, and timelessly fresh.

Difference between farmhouse and modern farmhouse

Farmhouses have a historic place in America. Sometimes, the structures feature a vintage, classic, or traditional style. On the other hand, modern farmhouses bring a touch of uniqueness, and the style is comforting. If you want to balance the classic and contemporary design, you should know the differences between the two.

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The colors

A classic farmhouse features warm tones and neutral colors, while modern farmhouses have more whites. Modern farmhouses can use warm or cool neutrals to balance the elements. Colors like beige, silver, or cream help bring a natural element. Besides that, you should keep the patterns simple to bring a variety of textures. If you want to elevate the aesthetic touches, you can hang fixtures in modern steel without overpowering the neutral color scheme.

The color you choose will determine each style and can impact the mood of your home.

The furnishings

While the furnishings of both a classic and modern farmhouse look similar, there’re slight differences. A classic farmhouse veers towards the antique side of vintage furniture. Modern farmhouses tend to have modern furnishings – you expect uncluttered space with accessories at a minimum. Remember, modern elements keep farmhouse style current.

Classic farmhouses also lean towards paisley and floral. To bring an aspect of authenticity, you can mix and match furniture. Another approach is to match the traditional natural elements like wood with stainless steel.


Natural wood tones are common in classic farmhouses, while modern farmhouses feature sustainable materials like wood veneer – come in a variety of colors. Apart from that, modern farmhouses feature materials like cotton, burlap, or raw metals. Keep in mind that today’s classic farmhouses use barn boards for paneling.


The layouts of both styles look the same and are a bit functional, rather than minimal. The pieces in a modern farmhouse should be practical and comfortable – nothing precious to use regularly.

Classic and modern farmhouse styles

Classic and modern farmhouses utilize rustic details in different ways. A modern farmhouse design offers a more relaxed style with some modern touches. Furthermore, it features sophisticated and contemporary design elements like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and sleek lighting. To get a modern look, you can take the natural components of a farmhouse and add a neutral color palette. The classic style has vintage furniture with dark colors.

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Whether you choose a classic or modern farmhouse, you can get a look that combines simplicity and comfort. If any of these styles speak for you, you can now find the perfect home. At its heart, a farmhouse is a way of life.