What is Boho Farmhouse Style?

What is the Boho Farmhouse Style? How does it differ from other styles?

The boho farmhouse style is a modern take on the traditional American farmhouse design. You might use vivid colors, patterns, or even boho designs to make your room stand out. It’s enjoyable and laid-back.

The good news is that you don’t need to own a farm or be a farmer’s kid to fit this style! You can make it work anywhere, from the city to the countryside. All you really need is an appreciation for boho design elements. 

Bright colors and fringes characterize the bohemian style. People who prefer this style think about all the hues they see in nature, such as pink, gold, yellow, and orange while designing their interiors. However, there are many cool hues, such as blue and green vegetation, to choose from.

It is possible to combine the colors of a bohemian-style house with the colors of a typical farmhouse. One method is to change the colors of bright tones in boho homes to more subdued tones. Use rust instead of orange, faded ochre instead of pink, mustard instead of yellow, and navy blue instead of green to create a bohemian farmhouse look.

You can also utilize colors found in classic farmhouses, such as cream and dark green or blue, to create a cohesive look. If you want to go for a more bohemian look, opt for muted colors to give the room more softness and comfort.

As much as we adore texture in farmhouse style, this boho essential isn’t a stretch for us. Texture can be defined as anything that feels or seems different from the norm; for example, shag is distinct from velvet. This applies to hard surfaces; for example, a combination of leather and wood will give the room a more textured appearance.

Macrame is a great way to add a boho touch to your home design. You can accomplish this by including woven features and fringes into your decors, such as pillows, blankets, and other items. This will give your place a more comfortable and cozier feel.

Boho Farmhouse Style – How to Decorate? 

Since this style is so free spirited, it can be tailored to any decorator’s preference. You simply need to include the bohemian elements you want to bring into your home decor. For instance, if you like standout pieces, there are a lot of unique items to choose from. If you prefer having a more classic farmhouse design, you will find plenty of options as well.

In terms of flooring, it is possible to use both hardwood and tiles for this style. In fact, the only requirement is that the surfaces must be warm and inviting enough to make the place feel comfortable. A flooring idea you can use with this style is using tiles in a neutral color to create a bohemian farmhouse look. It’s warm and inviting, just like the rest of the design.

The boho style is well-known for its ability to elicit worldwide responses. Poufs from Morocco and macrame wall art, geometric shapes, and Eastern objects are also featured. The farmhouse is patriotic, down-to-earth, and a collector of antiques and old items. If you’re trying to imitate the bohemian design, consider adding shabby chic accents into your decor. This style is perfect for antique furniture and includes rustic textures.

When you combine these two elements, you get a charming bohemian farmhouse vibe. Decorate using jars, jugs, and other vessels to resemble art, and use the American flag as inspiration. Old globes can be displayed on bookshelves to appeal to individuals who enjoy the retro look. The following is a fantastic style combo for folks who live in the Southwest and wish to include some western elements into their look. 

Plants are trendy among those who enjoy farmhouses. By incorporating additional plants into your home, you can achieve a boho aesthetic. Place them in different locations and use them to create vignettes. Don’t forget to give them some water!