Red Farmall Tractor Wall Art

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Title: The Ox
Artist: Todd McPhetridge
Medium: Color Photography
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Red Tractor Artwork

This image, titled, "The Ox ", by Todd McPhetridge is the stuff of many a boy's dreams. The bright red tractor symbolizes to many children a happy childhood, playing in a sandbox with such a tractor, as "The Ox" in a smaller version. The photo might also be evocative to others of real life on a farm and on such a tractor; rather than playing in a suburban sandbox, many other, more rural folk may have learned to drive on such a big red tractor, as "The Ox". This fine tractor print would be right at home, whether your walls are in a city, a suburb or the country.

"The Ox", is a stand back moment between man and mother nature. Humid air, complete quite for miles, as if the mute button was hit on the world. Thick muddy acres that once were once bright green reflecting generational growth and standing above the waved ocean taking in mother nature's incredible talents. The heart of the Ox, the blood red machinery is the heart beat of the picture and you can feel the pulse. Feeling relaxed, clear headed but unsure why. You are in a place of familiarity and comfort.

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