Black and White Farmall Tractor Wall Artwork

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Title: The Ox
Artist: Todd McPhetridge
Medium: Black and White Photography
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Tractor Art Prints for Sale

Since ancient days the Ox gave the farmer the raw pulling power for an astounding number of agricultural tasks from plowing to pulling stumps to powering all manner of agricultural equipment.This photo portrays the modern equivalent of the Ox, the farmer's tractor.

This black and white tractor photograph, with it's stark light and dark contrast portrays this raw pulling power. Todd's tractor art prints bring out the real character and beauty of everyday objects. He specializes in rural subjects. You'll never look at everyday stuff  the same after seeing his work.

Todd's portfolio also includes, pleasant, relaxing, rural scenes that will take you back to the good old days. They'll be nice additions to your living room decor.

Centuries ago, it was ox and cattle which moved farming equipment and built the plains into agricultural centers. Now, Todd McPhetridge's "The Ox" displays the new oxen of the American plains, the beautiful tractor. This piece of rustic wall art evokes America's bread basket in sharp black-and-white contrast. Beautiful agricultural plains mixed with man's machinery; a combination which makes for a phenomenal piece of country art.

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