Black and White Dirt Road Art Print

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Title: Shine Down
Artist: Todd McPhetridge
Medium: Black and White Photography
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Black and White Dirt Road Landscape Art

No room is complete if the walls are blank and bland. Each room needs a mood to wrap up the decoration and Todd's art shows the versatility of our natural world and rustic scenery. Whether a room needs uplifting colors, nostalgic images or peaceful scenes Todd's art prints have something to help you put the finishing touches on a work or living space that was missing something intangible.

This black and white art print of a dirt road with fluffy white clouds are sure to lift the viewer's spirit or put a guest in a peaceful frame of mind. Art is not just for viewing, after all! It is for communicating ideas and purpose. Everybody wants a pleasant place to live, why not brighten up the living room with a beautiful sky, dirt road and field! Keep the cheer of summer alive even in dreary days with a selection of landscape art from Todd McPhetridge.

In this rustic art piece, "Shine Down" depicts a vast country sky, overlooking a large farm field and country road. Soft clouds dot the canopy while the warm rays reach down to the fields below. The sky appears so large in this image that it is encapsulating the earth, wrapping around this countryside in its warm embrace. Far in the distance, trees dot the horizon, while the clouds provide small shaded spots along the way. This image shows how the sun works equally hard for the farm to keep his fields green and his crops growing throughout the entire season.

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