Beautiful Blue Sky and Dirt Road Art Print

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Title: Shine Down
Artist: Todd McPhetridge
Medium: Color Photography
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Dirt Roads Artwork

Whether you live in the city or the country, an upscale suburb or urban row house, if your heart aches for the great outdoors, and you are looking for something to add to your wall decor, contemporary landscape photos may be the answer. Todd offers landscape photos for sale, with rustic country landscape images magically captured by his camera. Original, photos of mountains, creeks, trees, and dirt roads will fill your heart with longing for the great outdoors.

Those with a yen for farming will enjoy images of barns and tractors and other farm icons. Check out the scenery, and grab a piece of time for your walls. This artistic landscape photography catches those places and moments that make you feel as if you are there and looking at the scene in real time. And these photographs will add rustic charm to your home no matter what style of furnishings you have. For city dwellers who occasionally wish for a bit of country, you'll be provided with the perfect visual respite from the urban jungle.

Sun, fluffy clouds and wide-open plains - those are the images one comes to think of when they think of America's heartland. In Todd McPhetridge's masterful work "Shine Down", the image of the beautiful country on a gorgeous day shines through in sharp and crisp colors. This rustic wall art evokes an image of a peaceful time, where one can simply sit back and relax.

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